One Ring to Rule them All…

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

10 years! Its officially been 10 years snce the last official release of the Fellowship of the Ring in New Zealand (the film being released on December 19 in the US and December 10 in the UK).

10 years ago, the global movie population finally had full access to what they saw in excerpts of this trailer:

Perhaps not the best of trailers. But little did the audiences know that they were about to be exposed to the beginning of one of the greatest cinematic adventures (if not the greatest) ever followed in Hollywood.

10 years ago, a composer who was not so fondly looked at then as he is today, was cast aside to the shadows in the film score community in eagerness for Williams’ score to the first entry of the Harry Potter franchise. And little did they know that they were outcasting what would go on to become one of the greatest (again, if not the greatest) musical tapestries in all of film music. With bold themes, colourful textures and simply stunning power and glory, the world was taken by storm.

December 20, 2001. That was the day the last release of the beginning of a great adventure began. 10 years later…

Things aren’t very different. Time has gone by. Its history has become a legend, yet the legend is not yet a myth. There is great love still for this masterpiece. We now look back fondly at these films and scores. Many of us (including myself) rank them as our favourites in their respective mediums (film and music). Whether it be the brilliant acting of the crew, the stunning cinematography/visuals, the great story telling or the symphonic glory of the orchestra, the brilliant themes, and the operatic textures of the ingenious score, everyone had something to love from these epics.

10 years later, we celebrate what is considered one of the greatest cinematic feats of our time. Truly, a feat like this only comes by once in a lifetime and we all have had the fortune for it to happen in our own. Behold, the love that society holds for these works, witness how we continue to cheris Peter Jackson’s magnum opus.

Here are scans of Empire Magazine’s tribute to the 10 year anniversary:

100 Things You Didn’t Know About Lord of the Rings:

This shall be amusing for some as most ardent LOTR fans should know at least (minimum) 99% of those. Really easy stuff if you’ve watched the LOTR Appendixes and read the books 😛

10 years later, and we still love it! But what is there not to love!? In honour of the occaisn, I myself will be listening to the LOTR Complete Recordings and beginning a LOTR marathon of my own. What will YOU be doing?

10 years later, and we LOTR fans have something else to look forward to. That is being, of course, Peter Jackson’s new venture into Middle-Earth; The Hobbit. With the trailer coming out tonight at 7 p.m., and the films coming out next year and the year after that consecutively, these films do a good job of commemorating the 10 year anniversary of each of the epic films of the LOTR trilogy.

I now beseech you to join me in commemorating this special occaison! Share some fun LOTR stuff (especially related to Fellowship the Ring), voice some of your opinions of FOTR, and listen to the score or watch the film.

Some of you may think it would have been more appropriate if I had put this small tribute up on the first international release, or the US release instead of putting it on the last release date of the film. But I could not put it more adeuquetely than Gandalf would:

A LOTR fan is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to!

– KK


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