There isn’t much I can say about myself. I’m just a guy who loves reading, writing, listening to music and writing music. It just so happens that writing reviews incorporates two of the four ideas I’ve listed above. I am a die-hard Williams fan and I am about as obsessed as Lord of the Rings fans get. Having said that, allow me to just go over a few things that will pop up in reviews.

It is rare that reviews will offer cue-by-cue analysis, but it will happen. Each score is given a rating out of 5 stars. In reviews, the names I assign themes (or names that are already popularly pre-assigned) will be shown in bold. Furthermore, the “Muse on these” feature basically overviews the highlights of the score for those only looking for great musical moments (and sometimes more on that) and the “Final Musings” feature at the end of the review is for those who don’t like reading through massive reviews as it offers a brief, summed-up view on the score.

Thats it for now! Hopefully you’ll salvage some pleasure in this mess of a blog. Do share your comments on the reviews please!

– KK


One Comment on “About”

  1. Kaitlyn Ramsay says:

    Yeah… Who came up with the great title??? ;P

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