Music Muse Awards 2012

Well 2012 has long come to an end and the world is still standing, giving listeners plenty of time to catch up with the scores 2012 had to offer. It was a year full of promising projects, ripe with great expectations. And yet, looking back, it’s hard to say that the year lived up to expectations. There were certainly stellar moments in parts, but ultimately, aside from The Hobbit (which in itself didn’t please everyone), there were no real stunners. Deciding on a final top 10 turned out to be an incredibly difficult task. It was hard to rank scores over the other simply because none of them warranted that kind of enthusiasm. Coming straight from the admirable strength of 2011’s out, 2012 ended up a disappointment. Having said that, there is still plenty to remember fondly. Let’s take a look back at the year when it was all supposed to end. Read the rest of this entry »


Music Muse Awards 2011

2011 was a quite a strong year in film scores, easily surpassing the last 3 years in consistency and quality. Of course, there was little doubt of that to begin with. Film score fans everywhere were eagerly the comeback of the long absent maestro, John Williams and boy he did not disappoint! Along with that, the year was ripe full of emotional, with Mark McKenzie’s touching religious tones and Marianelli’s heartbreaking classicism. Moreover, 2011 was a year for many foreign composers like Kolja Erdmann with the fantastic Russland, Ludovic Bource with the nostalgic The Artist along with the return of rising stars like Arnau Bataller, Abel Korzeniowski and Qigang Chen. It was extremely hard deciding and compiling all these favourites and disappointments and I hope there is something for you to take out of it. Enjoy (or despair!). Read the rest of this entry »