Immortals (Trevor Morris)

Final Musings: A disappointment to both film music fans and hardcore MV/RC enthusiasts. Purchase it for the adagio material in the end, but even that won’t be worth the decent hour that will have to be wasted to get there.

I was actually looking forward to this release so you can imagine the disappointment that settled in me after hearing the score. I have extremely low expectations for the film (never was a fan of 300, and I do not intend to see this one either….), I did expect however a score that excelled the film in quality. Unfortunately, let me bluntly say that Trevor Morris does not deliver on the account of several reasons as follows. The action is meagre in the first half with many booming brass chords that oddly takes the listeners back to Inception (haha….sci-fi dream fiction and Greek Gods….it really is one size fits all with MV/RC). The action does get more interesting in the second half but never really soars. On that note, the last few cues are direct rips off of 160 BPM. Just take a listen to the last cue Sky Fight/End Credits. God, the choral work and overbearing electronic bass rhythm directly rips a page off the Angels and Demons book. This cue may be entertaining, but clearly not very original. In fact, oddly enough, due to the synthetic nature of the samples, this sounds like trailer music! Perhaps 160BPM was used for temp tracking the last few scenes…seriously for a Greek movie?! Bah! Read the rest of this entry »